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Steelgram Fabrications, a dedicated team in the UK, will design, manufacture, and install your commercial steel canopy system, offering a range of solutions that includes pergolas, gazebos, and awning options.

These canopies are ideal for schools, shops, restaurants & hospitality, hospitals, warehouses, and more, offering protected areas for your customers, staff, pupils, or employees, for various reasons like creating weather-resistant outdoor spaces at your establishment.

They can be used for outdoor dining areas, staff smoking areas, play areas, welcome entrance areas, covered walkway canopies, and more.

glass entrance canopy


Walkway Canopies

modern black metal walkway cover small

Protected walkways for all weather access.

Entrance Canopies

glass entrance canopy

Stylish and functional building door canopies.

Sports Canopies

large sports canopy for outdoor games

Enjoy sports in all weathers.

School Canopies

coloured school playground shelter

Playground shelters and outdoor classrooms.

Industrial Canopies

large canopy with lorry unloading

Business and warehouse canopies.

Free Standing Canopies

freestanding business entrance canopy

Flexible canopies that can be installed anywhere.

Bike Shelters

long steel bike shelter

Secure bike shelters and cages.

Cantilever Canopies

commercial cantilever canopy in green

Canopies with no uprights required.


spectator stands

Shelter and seating for the 12th man.

Dining Shelters

restaurant canopy small

Covered outdoor dining areas.

Station Canopies

railway passenger waiting canopy

Lift canopies and passenger waiting areas.

Car Park Shelters

grey steel car park shelter

Car shelters and carports.

Smoking Areas

modern steel smoking area small

Outdoor smoking area shelters.

Gym Covers

outdoor gym canopy small

Covers for outdoor fitness areas.

Steelgram offer fabrication services for metal canopies of all shapes and sizes, includig decorative door canopies, awnings, canopy hoods, walkways, covered areas, and shelters. We are the manufacturers too, and will help install the system on site anywhere in the UK.

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coloured school playground shelter
large canopy with lorry unloading
outdoor steel and glass walkway in a car park
glass entrance canopy for offices
large steel canopy project june 2021
shop entrance canopy
alfresco outdoor dining canopy
grey entrance canopy
example of restaurant canopy
overhead canopy for dining in modern city
round silver car park canopy
large sports canopy for outdoor games
grey steel car park shelter
black cantilever canopy on a building
metal school canopy
long industrial outdoor canopy
freestanding smart business entrance canopy
modern showroom entrance canopy




Why Choose a Commercial Steel Canopy?

  • A canopy enables you to host outside events or activities regardless of the weather.
  • Provide all-year access to the outdoors for your students, workers, or clients.
  • Children may safely play under the canopy thanks to UV filters included in our polycarbonate and fabric roofing systems.
  • It makes an excellent covered outdoor classroom, allowing kids to learn about nature no matter what the weather is like.
  • Allows businesses and cafés to enhance sitting capacity and profitability by providing all-weather outside dining and eating space.
  • Messy classes can be relocated beneath the canopy to keep the classroom clean.
  • A canopy can also serve as an outside waiting area, providing shade and cover for parents as they pick up young children.
  • Outdoor play or sports equipment should be stored outdoors to ensure that it may be utilised in damp weather without the need to dry it off beforehand. Enhance your canopy with roller shutters to create the ideal safe outdoor storage room.
  • Perfect for warehousing, garden centres, retail storage, car parks, outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, outdoor kitchens, shops, and educational organisations.
  • Excellent alternatives to a soft awning, pergola, or canopy. Installed with a flat roof or custom angle/design.
  • We can work to help with retractable and domestic options too.

We can design a canopy to your unique specifications and required functionality, and we have years of experience with plenty of case studies to show you. Enquire today, with the peace of mind that you’ll receive a free consultation to make sure you’re happy with everything before we proceed further.

Industrial Canopy Supplier & Manufacturer UK

We have more than a decade of experience in the canopy industry, having installed hundreds of high-quality canopies in schools, nurseries, and colleges around the United Kingdom during that time. In addition, we provide outstanding canopy structures that are built to last in the healthcare, retail, recreational, and commercial industries as well as other sectors.

Using tight collaboration with our customers, we are able to ensure that our product gives the most possible benefit and is the ideal solution for all of the challenges that our client base is experiencing.

But if you’re looking for something a little more distinctive, we can provide a design and build service that ensures the structure we create for you matches your design ambitions. Contact us now to learn more.

Every step of the way, from the first site survey to final installation, we will work with you to ensure that your project is successful. We can even supply you with free finance advice, whether it’s in the form of fundraising or grant application assistance. To make your canopy purchase process as simple and pleasant as possible, we can also assist you with obtaining planning approval. Contact us now to learn more.

What is a Canopy?

A steel canopy is often a free-standing, self-supporting system that helps protect an area from the elements or adds architectural appeal to an open space.

Free-standing steel canopies have the benefit of being able to be installed anywhere, not requiring a solid wall to fix to like a wall-mounted canopy would.

Steelgram Fabrications can help you from the design stage of your canopy, right through to the installation.

We can help you with barrel canopies, gull wing shapes, covered walkways, and more.

They’re useful for warehouses, education venues, hospitals, garden centres, car showrooms, and care homes.

Commercial awnings can be used to dine al fresco, as umbrellas, outdoor seating, as an entrance canopy, a waiting shelter, general sheltered area, cycle shelters, covered walkway, commercial property entrance, outdoor shading, or general weather protection.

Steel Canopy Sizes

Have you ever considered the question, “How big are canopies?” before? Well please don’t waste any more time thinking about it because our canopies are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your needs.

Each canopy is custom-built to match your specific needs and requirements, allowing you to enjoy the precise amount of shade and protection you choose in your outdoor space. The benefits of having a canopy extend beyond just protection; they can add a touch of vibrant colours to your area, enhance the ambiance of office spaces, provide sunshades for walkway canopies, and even enhance the atmosphere in cafes.

Canopy Cleaning Advice

In order to keep your canopies in good condition, you will not need to do much work. Upon contacting us, we can provide you with particular cleaning recommendations for each canopy, but a good rule of thumb is to wash them with warm, soapy water with a soft bristles brush or cloth. There are no abrasives or harsh chemicals utilised.

Measuring Canopies and Roof Systems

We would really appreciate it if you could supply us with the measurements of the canopy you require so that we can provide you with an estimate for the project. Here, the length and width are the only two measurements to take into account. To offer a more accurate quote, we would need to visit your location and do a free site inspection as well as take in-depth measurements before we could do so.       

Canopy Materials

Canopies are available in a variety of different materials to suit your needs. Our products are made from only the highest-quality materials in order to ensure that our product warranties and life expectancies are upheld. We have employed steel in the building of a number of our self-supporting structures, as well as stainless steel canopies for entrance walkways and covered areas.

Benefits of Large Outdoor Canopies and Awnings for Your Business

There are so many different applications for canopies that it would be hard to include them all in one page. For the most part, the primary aim of a canopy is to protect the area beneath it from the sun and ultraviolet radiation while also providing protection from rain and snow, which helps to keep the area beneath dry and protected.

Covered walkways, outdoor learning canopies, outdoor classes, swimming pool canopies, retail and commercial shelters, door canopies, outdoor dining canopies, PSHE canopies, events shelters, storage shelters, sandpit covers, playground canopies, care home canopies, hospital waiting canopies, and many other applications are possible with canopy structures.


Our canopies are useful in a variety of settings, including schools, nurseries, pre-schools, and universities. Thousands of installations have been completed in the education sector in the United Kingdom, making it our most popular sector.

Because of canopies, schools are able to educate their children more successfully while also letting them to be more independent and happy. The use of a school canopy allows teachers to move their classes outside, allowing their pupils to enjoy some exercise and fresh air while still being educated. They also provide areas for children to play, dine, and study in a safe environment.

Shops & Restaurants

The installation of canopy structures in shops and restaurants may be quite beneficial since they allow you to increase your selling and dining spaces. With another way of saying it, as you increase your selling or eating capacity, you will be able to earn more money by selling or serving more people.

An appropriate canopy would be one of our wall-mounted canopies or business awnings, which provide a covered area adjacent to your building. Contact us now for more information. Using a single button, restaurants and hotels can quickly and easily adjust their roof slats to accommodate the current weather conditions, making them incredibly popular.

Hospital & Care Homes

Canopy areas in hospitals provide an opportunity for employees, patients, and visitors to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday hospital life and relax in a dry and shaded environment. A variety of other applications include the creation of covered waiting rooms and entrances with door canopies, which keep clients dry as they enter the business while also limiting the quantity of rain that may pose a problem by pushing it within the structure.

A large body of research has proven that patients who spend time outside of and away from the hospital setting are better able to heal as a result of their diseases.

Commercial & Industrial

Around the years, we’ve built hundreds of canopies in commercial buildings all over the United Kingdom, including warehouses, corporate offices, manufacturing plants and research labs, to name a few examples. Side fillers, lockable gates, and roller shutters, among other things, have proven to be beneficial to many of our customers in terms of keeping their possessions secure.

Aside from that, they constructed covered places for their employees and guests to enjoy spending time outside while remaining sheltered from the forces of nature.

Fully Accredited

UKCA accredited
Construction Gold
CHAS Premium Plus
Acclaim Accreditation

Our Past Clients Include

tgi fridays
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Wren Kitchens

Why Choose Us?

5 - 100 Tonne Projects

We handle projects from 5 tonnes up to 100 tonnes.

Fast Estimating Service

We offer a fast estimating service to help you make an informed decision in real time.

Nationwide Capabilities

We regularly complete projects across the entire UK.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive prices that are value-engineered where opportunities allow.

Accurate Timings

We pride ourselves in starting and finishing schemes on time.

Adaptable Fulfillment

Flexible to suit our client’s ever-changing needs, working to achieve previously agreed deadlines despite late changes from the professional parties – particularly important in retail refurbishments where contract periods are short.

50 Years Experience

Our directors have 50 years combined experience in steel fabrication and construction projects.

Fully Insured

We hold public liability insurance up to £10 million, employer’s liability insurance up to £10 million, and professional indemnity insurance up to £2 million.

For a free no-obligation quote, call our specialist team today, or click the button to get a quote online.

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