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50 Years Experience
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UK Mezzanine Flooring Company

Steelgram will design, manufacture and install your entire Mezzanine floor structure, including calculations to suit your specific requirements.

We evaluate all environmental and operator safety factors, and ensure the integrity of the structure and design of your mezzanine flooring system.

Choose from various mezzanine customisations like staircases, balustrades, pallet gates, and multi-tier options, all meeting UK building regulations – get a quote below

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mezzanine floor in steel portal frame warehouse
We’re based in Sheffield, but serve the entire UK.



Warehouse Mezzanine

industrial warehouse mezzanine floors

Ideal for increasing capacity in your warehouse or retail unit without the inconvenience or cost of a relocation.

Office Mezzanine

office mezzanine floor

Perfect for making use of extra headroom in commercial spaces, and allowing for extra office space without a relocation.

Retail Mezzanine

retailer mezzanine floor

Ideal for large retail buildings, for creating more sales space, storage space, or for new office space.

Industrial Mezzanine

industrial warehouse mezzanine floors

Increase production space with minimal disruption, and without the need for new premises.

Garages/Car Storage Mezzanine

steel mezzanine floor system installation

Mezzanine floors can increase car storage capacity by making use of excess headroom in large buildings.

Free Standing Mezzanine

free standing mezzanine floor

Free standing mezzanine floors are designed to have open floor below it, maximising space.

Multi-Tier Mezzanine

multi-tier mezzanine floor

If you have more complex needs, we can offer a multi-tier mezzanine floor solution.

Mezzanine Installation Services

steel mezzanine floor system installation

We take full control of the mezzanine installation process, offering minimal disruption, from design to completion.

Mezzanine Safety Railings

mezzanine floor railings

You can choose from a range of handrail and balustrade systems, as well as custom edge protection.

Mezzanine Staircases

mezzanine floor staircases

We can offer fully customisable steel staircases for mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine Decking

mezzanine floor decking

You can choose from our range of mezzanine flooring,  including open mesh or solid options.

Mezzanine Pallet Gates

industrial warehouse mezzanine floors

Pallet safety gates to keep your workers protected.


Every project is designed from scratch for your specific needs, to click the button below to fill out our quick quote form now:

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What is a Mezzanine?

A Mezzanine floor is usually an intermediate floor level that’s built between two other floors, that doesn’t take up the full floorspace of the main building. This helps to create more space without investing in a whole extra floor for a building. So you will often have a double-height ceilinged floor next to your mezzanine floor, separated by a balcony.

They’re also useful if you have tall structures/machinery in one part of a warehouse, but still want to maximise space with an extra floor in another part of the building.

They are sometimes known as commercial mezzanine floors and are useful for both retail outlets and in a factory setting.

They’re typically manufactured from steel and timber, and we can discuss with companies the benefits of both, with our expert staff able to offer a range of advice.

As a mezzanine floor supplier, we design, manufacture, and install the steel parts of your mezzanine flooring system. We ensure all of our technology is cutting edge, which allows us to offer an accurate and fast quotation.

Learn more about Mezzanine Floors here

Benefits of Mezzanine Floor Structures In Your Building

There are plenty of advantages to investing in a mezzanine floor in your existing warehouse or building, including:

  • Extra floor space – if you’ve outgrown your current space, but you have unused room above head height, then you will increase the usable floor space by installing a mezzanine without having to move buildings. You can reach the extra levels using a staircase. Extra warehouse space and additional storage for less cost.
  • Extra Storage – if you’re in a shopping centre or require more room for stock or machinery, a mezzanine solution will unlock further space for this in your existing premises. It’s also great for extra office space.
  • Saving money – leaving existing leases to new buildings is expensive, so improving your existing building is usually cheaper. It is also almost always cheaper than building a new building.
  • Productivity boost – if you need to increase productivity but don’t want your employees in different buildings, then a mezzanine floor is perfect.
  • Temporary structures – a mezzanine floor can be disassembled whenever you need to, so usually won’t invalidate a building lease, and allows you to be flexible with your use of the space.
  • Customisable – customise your mezzanine with ladders, extra storage, railings, custom balustrade, free-standing, and more.

Steelgram Fabrications are specialists in multi-story mezzanine floors, with a high level of client success. We design, manufacture, and install them (and help with project management and operations) in your location. We can serve customers throughout the United Kingdom. All building work is in line with UK building regulations. Contact us for a quote today.


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Steelgram is a Supplier of Mezzanines Accross the UK

We are a manufacturer of mezzanine floors, and supply our products directly for both commercial and residential settings. We can customise your setup with glass balustrade, concrete or metal flooring, helping you achieve a second storey or platform that you’re happy with.

They make a great alternative to a new warehouse, offering extra floor space that can have partitioning for offices or extra shelving and pallet racking for warehouses. They can also be used as work areas for manufacturing. Our installation team has years of experience, and ensure all materials and designs have the correct fire rating, and can provide case studies on request.

As expert suppliers, we help to minimise the disruption for businesses on site during the delivery of the material and equipment, to ensure our mezzanine flooring solutions don’t disrupt your business activities. The experts at Steelgram help with the drawings and initial design (from our site survey), fire protection, installation, and finishes (like carpet, lighting, and ceiling materials).

We put our customers first, and help you make an informed choice, with our people supporting you throughout the job.

Learn about Mezzanine Construction here or contact us for more information.



Idea for adding extra space in retail environments.


Transform your unused headroom into productive workspace.


Expand your storage capability with single and multi-level mezzanine floors.


Boost productivity in existing facilities without expansion.

Mezzanine Floor Systems

industrial warehouse mezzanine floors

We offer a bespoke mezzanine floor system for your unique requirements.

Steel Mezzanine

office mezzanine floor

All of our mezzanine floors are made using steel.

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Fully Accredited

UKCA accredited
Construction Gold
CHAS Premium Plus
Acclaim Accreditation

Our Past Clients Include

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Why Choose Us?

5 - 100 Tonne Projects

We handle projects from 5 tonnes up to 100 tonnes.

Fast Estimating Service

We offer a fast estimating service to help you make an informed decision in real time.

Nationwide Capabilities

We regularly complete projects across the entire UK.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive prices that are value-engineered where opportunities allow.

Accurate Timings

We pride ourselves in starting and finishing schemes on time.

Adaptable Fulfillment

Flexible to suit our client’s ever-changing needs, working to achieve previously agreed deadlines despite late changes from the professional parties – particularly important in retail refurbishments where contract periods are short.

50 Years Experience

Our directors have 50 years combined experience in steel fabrication and construction projects.

Fully Insured

We hold public liability insurance up to £10 million, employer’s liability insurance up to £10 million, and professional indemnity insurance up to £2 million.

For a free no-obligation quote, call our specialist team today, or click the button to get a quote online.

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Steelgram Fabrications

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Steelgram Fabrications, providing structural steelwork services from the design stage through to completion.


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