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Pallet Safety Gates

In factories and warehouses, pallet loading and unloading onto mezzanine levels or higher work tables is a common task, and the pallet gates from Steelgram Fabrications are an ideal option for keeping workers safe.

Pallet transport in factories and warehouses can pose a variety of safety concerns. In particular, workers who have to load and unload pallets on mezzanine floors are at risk of falling from a height, which is very dangerous. Pallet gates are a simple solution that ensures workers are constantly kept apart from potential hazards, which eliminates this safety concern.

Our pallet gates are built to effortlessly integrate into a guardrail or barrier, whether it is new or previously installed, and to provide continuous protection when items are carried up or down the mezzanine.

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Mezzanine Pallet Solutions

Mezzanine safety gates were subjected to rigorous testing to verify their reliability and compliance with international requirements. Test results can be obtained by submitting a written request.

  • Safe way of loading or unloading pallets
  • Low maintenance and easy to operate
  • Able to take different pallet sizes
  • Cheaper and more efficient method of transporting pallets with a forklift, rather than installing a goods lift

Perfect for:

  • Warehouse and logistics premises
  • Industrial floors
  • Storage facilities


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Why Use a Pallet Safety Gate?

With a simple up and over pallet safety gate design, workers on mezzanine floors may be protected when loading and unloading items, keeping them from being exposed to the edge of the floor.

It’s possible to meet current health and safety requirements without sacrificing your workers’ safety.

Using the “never exposed edge” principle, we have constructed our pallet gates so that no one is ever at risk of falling from an exposed edge.

Fully Accredited

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We handle projects from 5 tonnes up to 100 tonnes.

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Our directors have 50 years combined experience in steel fabrication and construction projects.

Fully Insured

We hold public liability insurance up to £10 million, employer’s liability insurance up to £10 million, and professional indemnity insurance up to £2 million.

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